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Today I Ate A Rainbow

Today I Ate A Rainbow

Kia Robertson is a mom and an entrepreneur who created an interactive nutritional chart for children called Today I Ate A Rainbow! Her daughter Hannah was the inspiration behind the chart! These charts make eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables fun for kids! Using colourful magnets, the chart encourages kids to strive for the healthy goal of eating five different colours everyday.

These charts are designed to catch the attention of little ones, however they are ultimately a tool for parents to help them set healthy eating habits for their children. Kia's first children's book is called The Rainbow Bunch, it's a fun rhyming story with the message of why it's important for kids to eat a Rainbow everyday!

Kia is passionate about helping parents overcome the typical struggles they face trying to get their children to eat their fruits and veggies!

Visit her website.

Oakville Moms Review:
I couldn't have tried out Today I Ate A Rainbow at a better time. It was exactly what I was looking for. My 3 year old is somewhat of a picky eater. We all know what that means, certain foods he likes and other foods he just won't give it a chance. When I received the package I made a point in letting my youngest know that this was something especially for him. He was so excited to check it out.

Today I Ate A Rainbow package includes: 1 chart, 2 sets of square and round magnets, 4 achievement magnets, 4 fridge magnets, 1 shopping list and Rainbow Bunch book.

It's truly a great interactive tool for both parents and kids to set healthy eating habits. The goal is to have your child eat five fruits and vegetables a day. The chart has 5 colours of the rainbow. Each colour gives you a list of fruits and vegetables that you should eat in a day. Even for myself when I go shopping I make a point in getting fruits and vegetables from each colour category. So when your child eats a fruit or vegetable of that colour, you place the colour magnet, once they have covered all 5 colours in the chart you place the Today I Ate A Rainbow achievement magnet.

We have been using the Today I Ate A Rainbow for a couple of weeks now and even from the first day it worked! My son was moved by the story in the Rainbow Bunch book. Some of the children were either sick or not growing as fast because they were not eating their fruits and vegetables. But in the end when all the children were eating their fruits and vegetables they were healthy and happy and that put a smile on my son's face.

So far my son has tried 3 new fruits and 2 vegetables and I couldn't have done it without Today I Ate A Rainbow. It's a great start and I couldn't be happier. My son is having fun putting the colourful magnets up once he eats something. That is the whole point of Today I Ate A Rainbow, we have to make our children understand that eating fruits and vegetable are good for us. That eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables will make us healthy and happy.

Today I Ate A Rainbow is well designed, colourful, easy to use and your children will be excited to show off their achievements. It certainly has helped us and I know it will help you too. Today I Ate A Rainbow also has some great tips for picky eaters.

Be sure to check out Today I Ate A Rainbow site to find out more about them.

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