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I had the pleasure of meeting with the creator of NounSense recently. I was so excited to try out her new board game.

NounSense is a fun game that motivates children to read in a creative way. It includes: 10 laminated stories, 72 reusable, super-adhesive Silly Nouns stickers and it's storage sheet, 72 Wild Words, playing board, dice, 6 playing pieces and a score pad. This game has lots of flexibility. It can be played from 1 to 6 players. The best part is that you can change up how you play it each time. Play as little as 10 min or 30 min. This game is geared for children 4 years old and up. My children are just in that age range and they had so much fun!

This is how you play it: each player selects a story. Each story has blank spaces throughout. You have to pick the Silly Nouns and fill in the blanks. Select 5 Wild Words and place them on the stand. Once you roll the dice, depending where you fall on the board game, you may select one, two, three or even trade your Silly Nouns! Whoever finishes filling their story with Silly Nouns first gets 3 points and when a child reads their final story, they earn 7 points. At the end, the stories become so funny that you just want to keep changing your Silly Nouns and see how much funnier they can be. My children were picking Silly Nouns based on the illustrated images that are on the Silly Nouns stickers. The Silly Nouns stickers are made of high quality and can be used over and over again. Everytime I tell my children we are going to play NounSense they can't wait to see how their story will turn out with the Silly Nouns and have a good laugh.

NounSense is a great board game to play as it encourages children to enjoy reading, be creative with their nouns and having fun at the same time. NounSense is unique and each time you play it, it's totally new with each story and Silly Nouns. This game is equally geared for both boys and girls; parents and teachers will love it too!

NounSense also has an Activity Book and Teacher's Guide.

For more information on this game and where to buy it, please visit their web site below.

Web site: www.nounsense.net

Don't forget to ENTER TO WIN a board game from NounSense, "Make your own funny stories!"

NounSense - Make your own funny stories

NounSense picture

NounSense  Activity Guide











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