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Review Feature: Oops! Sheet

Potty training your little one can be a challenging time. It takes a while to get the routine going, teaching your child to let you know when they have to "go". Once you mastered the day time potty training. The real test comes at night time. A lot of kids are ready to be diaper free in the daytime but at night time it's a different story.

From my experience with my children, we always make sure we tell them to go to the bathroom before they go to sleep. We also make sure we don't give them too much to drink before bedtime. But these things don't always help. Accidents do happen at night, our kids wake up crying, full of pee on themselves and their bed. You can change the bed sheet and the PJs but the mattress is soaked! What do you do at 2 am in the morning?

We were delighted to find Oops! Sheet on Facebook recently and they let Oakville Moms test out their product.

I was impressed with the quality of their Oops! Sheet. The fact that it looks like a fitted bed sheet makes it so much easier when making the bed. The Oops! Sheet material is so soft. Oops! Sheet will have your mattress covered, dry mattress-guaranteed:

  • Protective fitted sheet
  • Cozy cotton
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Machine washable
  • Simple to use

We tested for a few weeks. I was hoping my boys would have an accident at night time but it didn't happen so we did the next best thing, we tested the Oops! Sheet with water. I poured it generously over the bed and let it sit there for some time. Then to my surprise the mattress was completely DRY! The underside of the Oops! Sheet is thermo plastic and it didn't let the water go through.

I wished I had known about Oops! Sheet years ago, as we have had some really bad accidents with our boys mattresses. It's a relief to know that from now on my son's mattress is covered and it won't get stained anymore!

If you are about to potty train your child and are ready to do the big step for night time training, be sure to check out Oops! Sheet web site as they offer Twin, Double, and Queen sizes. It's a really great product that is worth the investment to protect your mattress from accidents!


About Oops! Sheet

The history on Oops! Sheet is that it's estimated over 7 million children in North America bedwet and mine used to be one of them. I was frustrated with the lack of options so I created one and the end result is Oops! Sheet. Although my daughter has outgrown that phase, she still insists on sleeping directly on top of her Oops! Sheet (no other sheets between her and her Oops! Sheet) because it's so soft. We've found that special needs parents LOVE us and some even like Oops! Sheet for their couches as special needs kids can have oopses during the day as well. We carry three sizes: Twin, Double, and Queen. The Queen was originally included for parents who bedshare with their children or have kids that tend to end up in their bed at night!

Web site: www.oopssheet.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OopsSheetInc











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