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Christine Taylor Designs

A few months ago my oldest lost his first tooth. We didn't expect it to happen so soon. When it was night time we put the tooth under my son's pillow and we told him the tooth fairy would come during the night to visit him and take away his tooth. At first he seemed excited at the thought of getting some money in exchange for his tooth but then when he realized someone (a stranger) would come into his room while he slept, he got upset. We had to leave his tooth outside his room and I couldn't find a special container where to place his tooth. Oh how I wished I had known about Christine Taylor Designs back then!

Christine Taylor Designs creates beautiful hand-crafted items such as hooded bath towels, car seat canopy, quilts, pacifier clips, reusable snack & sandwich bags, crayon cases, travel sets and clothing for kids and many items for adults including handbags, key fobs, custom camera straps and more.

One of my friends was also in the market of getting a tooth fairy pillow for her daughther so I sent out a message on Facebook. Christine answered telling me that she can create a Fairy Tooth Pillow. Right away Christine sent some photo samples and they looked so great. Christine Taylor Designs has a wide range of Fabric styles and a great colour selection for boys, girls and adults. We picked the jungle pattern (see picture on right). When we received the package, my son was very excited to see it. I was so impressed with the quality of work. It was so professionally done. Having the tooth applique and my son's name on it, just made it so special for him. The tooth fairy pillow measures 7" by 7". It has a fabric handle to hang on a bedpost or door knob. At the back, there is a pocket to place the tooth and even a note if you wish for the tooh fairy (a very smart design). My son was so happy he just ran up the stairs to place it on his door knob. He said the tooth fairy doesn't have to get into his room anymore. She can just take his tooth from the tooth fairy pillow and leave him the money!

For those of you whose children are at an age where their teeth are getting loose or have already lost one and you don't have a special place to put their teeth, consider Christine Taylor's Designs tooth fairy pillow. It's such a great idea, unique personalized gift for any child and your kids will love it.

For more information on Christine Taylor Designs and see more samples of her work, visit her web site below.

Web site: www.christinetaylordesigns.com
Email: christine@christinetaylordesigns.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ctaylordesigns

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Christine Taylor Designs

Christine Taylor Designs - Tooth Fairy Pillow

Christine Taylor Designs - Tooth Fairy Pillow









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