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uba BABY (ooh-bah BABY) is an eco-friendly on-line baby and mama boutique. We offer environmentally friendly alternatives and all natural products, with a splash of ultra-chic! Products such as BECO BUTTERFLY II, BAMBOOBINO, GREENTAINER, 3 SPROUTS, are only a few of our most unique and highly sought after innovative products for growing up green.

Founded by a mother of 5 in Oakville, uba BABY offers free delivery in Oakville (enter ubafreeship at checkout) and free shipping across Canada on orders over $99. Who says going green can't be fun!

Dimpleskins Naturals is manufactured by hand, using only pure and organic ingredients. Through great reviews from our customers, chatter at moms groups, and relieved ‘diaper-rash-free’ babies, our signature Bum Bum Balm® has become a ‘must’ in every diaper bag!

“Never a chemical. Never a worry” is the Dimpleskins Naturals promise. To your baby's healthy skin. Rated one of the safest & best natural diaper cream picks by CosmeticDatabase.com. ZINC-FREE! Apply to diaper area at each diaper change. A must in every diaper bag and an excellent choice for cloth diapers.

web site: http://www.ubababy.com

Oakville Moms Review:
I am always in the market looking for new skin care products for my children. We have had all kinds of skin conditions. When uba Baby told me about Dimpleskins Naturals I was eager to try it out.
We have been using it for a few months and it's one of the best products I have tried.

Here are the products we've tried out:

BUM BUM BALM: This is a must for baby's bottom. Its chemical free and zinc free. Its very gentle and helps get rid of the baby's bottom rash. I use this all the time for my son.

SWEET CHEEKS BODY BALM: I use this for my sons dry skin as a moisturizer. They love it, very gentle and dissolves easily.

SNIFFLES FOR KIDS: We used this when my sons, my hubby and myself have had a cold. It helped us sleep better at night when we were stuffed up.

Great for skin rashes or eczema. I use this when my son has a heat rash. It helps him not to scratch so much. It didn't irritate his skin like other retail products.

KISS ME, BABY: It's the only chap stick I use.

These are a great gift idea for a mom-to-be and new mommy.

Take advantage of the FREE shipping in Oakville.

To learn more about uba Baby and their products check out their web site: http://www.ubababy.com

uba Baby - Dimpleskins Naturals

Uba Baby

uba Baby



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