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Spa Baby, the European style baby tub, allows your baby to bathe in a natural upright position. Your baby stays warm and secure in the water. Babies love it. Parents love it too, because babies stay calm and relaxed in the bath. It's a great part of a bedtime routine to help make a soothing night. You can use it from your baby's first bath up to 10 months of age. So, relax during bathtime with the tub babies love.... Spa Baby.

Retail value is $39.99

When my son was born we tried several of the common tubs that require your baby to lie back in the water. He found it cold, uncomfortable and he hated baths, which made it a stressful experience for all of us. Then I discovered what the Europeans have been doing for years. They bathe their babies in tubs that let them sit in a natural upright position with warm water to their shoulders. The tub calms the baby by providing an environment much like the one where they spent their very first nine months. It's no wonder they relax completely and enjoy it so much! And best of all, it is easy to use from newborn until your baby can go into an adult tub. It's even great for colicky babies.

Spa Baby

Oakville Moms review: One of the great things about having a second baby is finding new products out there. I was in the market of getting a new tub for my little one since he seemed to cry a lot whenever I would bathe him. Since we've been using Spa Baby tub, my son has not cried once when I bathe him. The Spa Baby tub is light weight, easy to clean and doesn't require lots of water.

For more information and to see a demo, check it out at www.spababytubs.com




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