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ONS GEAR, an Ottawa-based company, has solved the age-old problem of children’s mittens falling off and snow getting in between coat and mitt.

MITT-ONS™ are innovative Thinsulate waterproof mittens which stop snow from getting in, keeping little hands warm and dry! MITT-ONS™ feature a fleece sleeve to the elbow and a zipper at the wrist for easy access to hands. The zipper also allows for optional wearing of the mitt without the sleeve. With an adjustable wrist, a grippy surface on the palm, a rip-resistant tip and a cotton thumb for runny noses, your children are sure to stay outside longer this winter!

Gone are the days of cold and wet little wrists and hands, these patent-pending MITT-ONS™ have been designed to stay on!

web site: www.onsgear.com

Oakville Moms Review:
Whenever my boys would go out and play in the snow, they would always get snow in between the mittons and the sleeve, making them cold and wet. When I had a chance to try out Ons Gear's MITT-ONS, I was impressed with the design of the MITT-ONS. Some features are: adjustable wrist straps, rip-resistant tips, fleece sleeves and a tab to assist in pulling up the sleeves. The fleece sleeve is the extension to the MITT-ONS, this goes inside the sleeve of the coat. You have the option to remove it with a zipper. It's easy to use: have your child put on their MITT-ONS before they put their winter coats and you will see how well insulated their hands and arms will be. My children loved their new MITT-ONS and didn't get wet with the snow.

They have 3 colours and 3 sizes available. To learn more about Ons Gear's products visit their site: www.onsgear.com

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