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DS Wall Art
We specialize in personalized paintings on canvas. The paintings are all done by hand, making each piece unique. Taking a photograph and bringing it to life on a large canvas is quite a dramatic effect. It makes a great conversation piece and gift!

To order a personalized painting, simply
send a photo and we'll do the rest, or to purchase a Music Inspired painting contact us.

Why keep that favourite photo in a photo album or frame when you can have it displayed on a large canvas on your wall. Bring the walls in your environment to life with paintings of the ones you love.

Add a personal touch to your baby's room by having DS Wall Art create a personalized painting with your baby's name.

For more information visit our web site:


Oakville Moms Review:
Whenever there is a special occasion or a special moment in one's life I truly believe in capturing the moment. What better way than having your favourite pic transformed into a painting. DS Wall Art recently did a painting of our family and it was beautiful. It totally brought the picture to life. Instead of having my picture enlarged I wanted a painting and I am so glad I did that instead. I suggested some colours to be used in the painting so it would match my living room colours. It now makes a great focal point in our room.

DS Wall Art also has a gallery with Music Inspired paintings as well as children's room decor. Check out DS Wall Art to see more beautiful paintings.




DS Wall Art painting

DS Wall Art painting
DS Wall Art painting





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