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Child’s Own Studio
Little Designers: Plush toys from children’s drawings.

In 2007 stay-at-home mom Wendy Tsao took her 4 year old son's drawing of a monkey and sewed together a plush toy based on his drawing. The end result was so cute that she experimented with some other children's drawings. And thus began a unique craft business. Child's Own Studio, based in Vancouver, BC, is a thriving on-line toy company that makes unique plush toys, or softies, from children’s drawings. To date, Child's Own Studio has collaborated with over a hundred children, ranging from age 3 to 14, to create unique and wonderful softies, many of which can be seen on the company website, www.childsown.com.

Starting with a child’s drawing, Wendy Tsao selects the fabrics for the softie, and then makes the pattern from the drawing. Each softie is carefully handcrafted and stuffed with hypoallergenic fiberfill, transforming the child’s drawing into a 3D cuddly toy!

But Child’s Own softies are more than just toys, they become one-of-a-kind keepsakes for life. Renee Arazsewski sent in a drawing of a mermaid by her five year old daughter Mikaela and they were both excited and pleased when they received the mermaid doll. As Renee put it, “You know, there are so many dolls out there from mass production. Mikaela’s doll is so special. It’s her own doll. Noone else has it. And she made it.

Child’s Own softies start at just $49, taxes and shipping included, depending on the complexity of the child’s drawing. Go to www.childsown.com to check out the gallery, to get more information, and to get a quote for a drawing.

About Child’s Own Studio
Child’s Own Studio takes children’s drawings and handcrafts plush toys to be cherished for a lifetime.

For further information:
Wendy Tsao, Child’s Own Studio,
tel. (604) 377 5366
email: info@childsown.com
web site: www.childsown.com


Oakville Moms Review:
When Child's Own Studio contacted Oakville Moms, we were delighted to learn more about the company. When I told my son he needed to draw something so that it can be made into a plush toy, he was very excited. He is into super heros and so he drew a blue batman. I scanned the drawing and emailed it to Child's Own Studio. We received the batman plush toy within 1 - 2 weeks.

Its amazing how Child's Own Studio was able to recreate my son's drawing into a plush toy. My son said "Wow, I like it". He played with it all afternoon and asked if he could go to sleep with him.

Child's Own Studio has created something that we will cherish forver. It's totally unique and no one else has that toy. Child's Own Studio is definitely an one-of-a-kind creative company. To see my son's drawing and plush toy, check out my blog.

To learn more about Child's Own Studio and to submit your child's drawing check out their web site: www.childsown.com



Child’s Own Studio
Child’s Own Studio
Child’s Own Studiopic

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Child’s Own Studio toy



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