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Sugarloaf Artisanal Soaps

Sugarloaf Artisanal Soaps are lovingly handmade in small batches using the time honoured, traditional cold process method. All natural fair trade botanical oils and emollients are used and chosen for their ability to effectively clean and condition skin without stripping of natural oils and without leaving behind a film.

It doesn't stop at being the best thing for your skin - these soaps are also kinder to the environment by being phosphate free; detergent free; and sulphate free. There is little to no waste compared to liquid soaps that need to be stored in plastic. Also, being 100% biodegradable, they are safe for lakes and rivers.

Even if you already use a commercial bar for sensitive skin or for babies you will be pleasantly surprised at how these soaps lather, clean and condition. Feel your skin again! Tested on finicky humans only.

web site: www.sugarloafsoap.etsy.com

Oakville Moms Review:

Last month I was searching for something different to try and I had the pleasure of coming across Sugarloaf Artisanal Soaps. I've never tried homemade soaps and I was so pleasantly surprised by the amazing scents I had to choose from. Sugarloaf Artisanal Soaps evens offers samples to try before you commit to a larger order. Sugarloaf Artisanal Soaps cleans and conditions GENTLY without detergents, phosphates, or sulphates. Some gentle scents for babies and children are: Ultra Mild Lavendar & Chamomile and Baby Yourself. My favs right now are Cucumber/ Melon, Pink Sugar and Gingered Green Fig. Every time I check out Sugarloaf Artisanal Soaps there are new soaps curing on the rack. I been using the different soaps for baths, washing my hands and my face and they are really gentle and mild. The soaps add a wonderful scent to my bathrooms as well. If you want to treat yourself or someone special, definitely check out Sugarloaf Artisanal Soaps, you will be addicted to their yummy soaps!

See full listing of Sugarloaf Artisanal Soaps at: www.sugarloafsoap.etsy.com



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