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Steward Bags

Steward Bags

Steward Bags is a reusable bag company that was born out of a Canadian family's love for the outdoors and their passion for stewardship of the Earth. The Bailey family launched their first reusable bag, a 100% certified organic produce bag in February of this year.

The Steward Bag, produce bag is:

  • made of made of 100% certified organic cotton that is light-weight, durable netting fabric
  • easily closed with a draw string
  • washable
  • completely biodegradable
  • currently available in 2 sizes: 10 by 12” and 10 by 15”

web site: www.stewardbags.ca

Steward Bags samples

Oakville Moms Review:
Being environmentally friendly is a daily task in our household, from recycling papers, plastics as well as using our own reuseable shopping bags. When I came across Steward Bags I was impressed with the whole idea of creating a better environment by eliminating the use of plastic bags. The quality and the sturdiness of the bags are great. Instead of using the plastic bags for your fruits and vegetables, Steward Bags would be the product to use as it's environmentally friendly and reusable. It's made of organic cotton and it comes in 2 sizes. When I was using the Stewards Bags at my local grocery store, it felt like I was contributing to the eco-friendly awareness. Even the
cashier asked me where I got them and thought it was a great idea for a product. I had the cashier weigh the bags and they are so light-weight that they didn't add any more cost to the produce.

For those of you who are eco-friendly consider using Steward Bags the next time you are at your grocery store, you'll be helping our environment.

For more information about Steward Bags check out their site: www.stewardbags.ca




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