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Paperpod has developed an innovative concept in creative toys for children.

We have produced a range of environmentally friendly, cost effective, sturdy, and practical designs made from recycled corrugated cardboard.

From our rocket to the play house to the castle, the beauty of our products lies in their simplicity. They are a blank canvas for children to play, create & decorate using paint, collage, pens & crayons, limited only by imagination.

Everything can be folded flat - an ideal storage solution. Use in the home, childcare setting or school to create a personal touch. Excellent for children's parties!

Paperpod was started in England in 2004 and has now been brought to Canada! All manufacturing for Paperpod Canada is done in Canada helping to lower our ecological footprint by not requiring any overseas shipping.

We are in the process of developing even more products - all of which are designed to promote and develop imaginative play.

web site: www.paperpod.ca

Oakville Moms Review:
My boys recently tested out the Castle (70 x 70 x 35cm) from Paperpod. It was easy to assemble and light weight. As soon as it was set up, my boys had a blast. They got their super heros and placed them in each tower corner and their imaginations took off. The Paperpod cardboard creation is like a blank canvas, your kids can colour and paint them, apply stickers or add any other artwork to it. If you are looking to keep your kids busy and creative, Paperpod carboard creations is an option for you. Paperpod has a selection of cardboard creations, varying in sizes and prices. Select from: The Rocket, Play House, Doll House, Teepee, The Paperpod, Adult & toddler Chairs. To see all of their products be sure to check out their site: www.paperpod.ca






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