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Business Feature: Marian Montessori is a private 'Christian' school directed by Marie A. Silva

Marian Montessori is a private 'Christian' school directed by Marie A. Silva

Marian Montessori  School

Marian Montessori School

Marian Montessori is a private Montessori School directed by Marie A. Silva. A beautiful home based environment, which facilitates a rich intellectual, artistic, spiritual and social atmosphere radiating love, care and concern while producing intellectual, strong, courageous and caring little people.

The prepared home environment, our theatre and outdoor back to nature environment act as the first educator. The warm and inviting family atmosphere set in this carefully prepared home environment with security and surveillance facilitates an easy 'Home to School' transition thereby maintaining a one hundred percent comfort zone.

Exploration and enjoyment is fostered through introducing a love for the arts of Music, Dance, Mime, Dramatic Art, French, Painting, Sculpture and Science in our fully prepared studio.

"Beauty is the voice that calls the child to engage with materials and elevates him to a higher level of grace and courtesy as he interacts in the environment"
(Haskins 2012, p.34).

Marian Montessori  School in Oakville

Connect to Nature
Our nature playground offers opportunities for outdoor science, art, gardening, creative play and physical exercise throughout the year! Creative, imaginative and joy filled activities continue throughout the year in our serene, tranquil, close to nature environment. Gardening projects include herb, vegetable and flower cultivation. Our exotic nature yard is the delight of our children and educators! Outdoor snacks and lunch are also provided in the warm weather, cooler autumn weather, as well as the renewed spring weather.

Our Method
Our method is based on the natural development of a child's knowledge during which there are known sensitive periods.

It is easier for a child to learn a particular skill during the corresponding sensitive periods then at any other time in his/her life, therefore the specially prepared environment also allows a child the freedom to select individual activities which correspond to his/her periods of interest.

Through a careful combination of work and play in our prepared and inviting environment, in the early stages, a child will develop concentration, coordination and work habits necessary for more advanced exercises to be performed at later stages.

A child's educator acts as a guide, a helper and a constant observer. It is the educator's responsibility to constantly test and observe a child's work, attention span and progress with the goal of bringing a child to realize their capabilities and unending potential. Therefore, it is the educator's responsibility to utilize the prepared environment to specifically support a child towards independence.

Governed by the needs and responses of a child, a broad range of materials will be made available. Each tool provided to a child has a built-in control of error feature, thereby reinforcing the educator's goal of helping a child to self-assist.

The educator is also required to create bespoke materials for a child's specific needs. In this way, there is a constant process of upgrading the environment with knowledge from the educator's observations and accumulated class documentation regarding a child.

* Every Wednesday pick up time is 'fellowship time'
(mix & mingle) with child led activities and complimentary refreshments and coffee served
* Numbers capped at 12-15 for new academic year
* Plus many more family 'togetherness' features

A fellowship day once a week, when parents visit to pick up their child at the end of the day.
which includes: child guided activities, mix & mingle with parents and teachers.
Complimentary coffee and snacks served.


Contact Us:
Phone #:
(905) 827-8125

1265 Heritage way Oakville ON
L6M 2X7

Email Us:

Web site:





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