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Aspire Speech Pathology - Speech Language Pathologist:
Literacy and Communication Skills - Benchmarks by Kindergarten

Follow 1-2 simple verbal instructions in order
Listen to and understand age-appropriate stories read aloud
Follow a simple conversation

Answer simple “yes/no” questions
Produce speech that is understood by most people in their environment
Answer open-ended questions (ie. “tell me what you did during your holiday?”)
Retell a story, parts of stories, or an event
Use many types of sentences to express needs and thoughts, and to give or ask for information
Participate appropriately in conversations (ie. turn-taking, staying on topic)
Show interest in and initiate conversation

Understand that a book in English occurs from front to back, top to bottom, and left to right
Understand that spoken words consist of speech sounds
Identify words that rhyme
Compare and match words based on their sounds
Understand that letters represent speech sounds and match many sounds to letters
Imitate reading by looking at pictures and talking about the story
Recognize some words by sight

Print own first and last name
Draw a picture that tells a story, and label and write about the picture
Begin writing upper and lower case letters of the alphabet with some legibility

Each child is unique. Not every skill may be developed, however If you have ongoing concerns, consultation with a Speech-Language Pathologist may be beneficial. ( Source:The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association).

Aspire Speech Pathology - Speech Language Pathologist in Oakville, speech therapist.

Joshua Creek, Oakville
Tel: 905.257.7715
Web site: http://www.aspirespeechpathology.com






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